There is a brilliant definition of news, though I apologise in advance to forgetting whom to attribute it to. "News is something, that someone, somewhere, doesn't want known. Everything else is advertising." We could say the same for gossip, witness the rise of the gossip magazines and televised infortainment.

Whatever definition you give it news/gossip/information is widely sought and avidly devoured. Its dissemination is one of the pillars of democracy for those who hoard information, for whatever mistaken idea, should be rejected by all fencers who believe a bout is a free and frank conversation between two equals - a conversation of the blades!

So this site encourages the spreading of information/news/gossip as long as it can pass the basic tests for slander - truth or reasonable personal belief!

Since the Great Catastrophe of February 22, 2011, this site has also been recording the trials and tribulations of the citizens of Christchurch in the rebuilding of their earthquake flattened city.

(If you have something to say about anything to do with fencing, earthquakes or what is posted on this site then this is the place to say it. You can engage blades by e-mail at: En guard!)

Like Letters to the Editor, submissions should be concise, pertinent and may be subject to editing.

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Canterbury University Fencing Club members brought the Ancient Art and Modern Sport of fencing to the fenced-in earthquake raddled central city yesterday as part of their annual Duel at Dawn end of year celebration.

Mr Vice and Josh duel by a fence surrounding the frame of a partially built building and the long arm of a putter-upper, once known as a knock-it-downer.


While many gathered to watch the dueling between Ilaria and Lucien others blissfully wandered up Cashel Street towards the damaged Bridge of Remembrance, now undergoing repairs, or stopped for a coffee at Hummingbird Coffee on the left.


High heels and fencing whites in a duel?? Yes, Laura and Nursey dressed-up in honour of the ever- popular Balaentyne's Department store.


This is what is on the other side of the fence ... new buildings going up!


More about the Re-Start Mall HERE!




When the wee footbridge over the Heathcote River, damaged in the earthquakes nearly four years ago, is repaired and re-opened but the road giving access to it is closed!!

OR ...

When workers, slaving away at the re-build of Christchurch, have their bicycles and helmets protected by orange road cones and safety fences!!

Quirky or something worse? More here! At the nation's top newspaper.


21/11/2014: FIGHTING KIWIS .....

See how our fencers got on at the Commonwealth fencing championships in Scotland ... the clash of steel! Also check out how the old folks did in the Veterans!

And don't forget Canterbury University Fencing Club's Duel at Dawn at the Restart Mall in the centre of Christchurch. - they call it that but it starts at 10.30am on Saturday morning once the students have woken up!!!! Will Femsoc be there??

More action from CFC ....

Foilist on the right; ooops, better put the brakes on, my target is showing aggression and has his hand hidden behind his back - wonder wot's in it????

In foil fencing you are not allowed to touch your gear with the un-armed hand nor cover the valid target (the metal vest which registers the hit) with it during the bout.


20/11/2014: TWEET, TWEET, TWEET!

Who are the worst people to deal with in Quake City as a customer?

Tweet, not this fellow.

Recently, at a local cafe, one could not but overhear a group of women discussing dealing with customers.

They talked about who were the best to serve and who were the worst. No, it was nothing to do with the earthquakes but general service - one of them I'd noticed working in a local bank.

So what has this to do with you dear reader? It seems that Kiwi customers are in the middle, just grumpy and stupid appeared to be the common denominator here, while mainland Chinese were the most arrogant followed by Arabs. The best to deal with were the Japanese followed by Americans - yes Americans!

Now, was the discussion group being racist, sexist or what? An Arab friend laughed when told about their comments and suggested that his people just liked good service, while a Chinese friend, from Hong Kong, did hint that mainland Chinese could be a bit demanding and an American friend just laughed. I know no Japanese but the local sushi bar on Colombo Street are always pleasant to deal with!!


17/11/2014: WOW!


Wonder what he has between his legs that blasts apart a tar sealed road??


The Enable folks might be a bit geographically challenged but the workers inserting the Enable broadband cable are pretty efficient as these pix show.


Oh, it is a high pressure blow job!



15/11/2014: STOP PRESS!


The front door of the former Evening Star newspaper in Dunedin now the front door of the Odious Daily Twaddle which is what those at the Star called the Otago Daily Times.

The Otago Daily Times has its birthday today. Born on this day in 1860 in Dunedin. It's sign proudly adorns the front door of the former Evening Star building on Stuart Street.

The Star was an afternoon paper while the ODT is a morning paper like the nation's top newspaper, The Press.

Read more about the ODT and the Star HERE ....

One of my first jobs as a bulkhand in the composing room at the Star in the 1960's was to, literally, stop the press. Sliding down the circular metal staircase between the composing room and the printing press clutching the wee quarter forme holding slugs of type with the latest news locked in and yelling out 'stop press.' Once the press was stopped it was locked into place on the front page and the press restarted.

Now, what is a nomple? What was a bodkin made from? Who was the Printers Daughter??



12/11/2014: FIRST THE SAD NEWS ...

The death of Waltham Road: Yep, according to a letterbox drop by the broadband company Enable, Waltham Road is no more. It had survived more than a 150 years of pestilence, Agricultural and Pastoral Shows, earthquakes and demented residents but has now succumbed to modern PR and Journalistic skills. It is now known as Waltham Street!

Not to be outdone, the nation's top newspaper along with local tv company CTV and national broadcaster Campbell Live also demonstrated their journalistic skills and accuracy in their stories about the opening of the new Blood Donor building in Christchurch.

All three breathlessly rabitted on about how giving blood saves lives but none mentioned where the new building was. In story terms reporters should keep the old journalistic mantra in mind - who, what, where, when and how - thus covering all the questions that could arise in a reader or viewers mind. Read wot THE PRESS says and you can view wot CTV and Campbell Live dithered about on line. The address of the new centre is: 15 Lester Lane, Addington, Christchurch and you can make a booking to donate by ringing:03 343 9040 or 0800 448 325.


The Wizard has his back-to-front volkswagen beetle back. Yep, after six months of repairs the car is back in town! You can see it parked at the end of New Regent Street.

Did you know he has a drivers license and passport in the name of Wizard but no IRD or Social Security numbers??








That and a frenzy of:


Balloon busting!! As usual Nursey is lying on the floor!

Come back next year to the only fencing club in the world that meets in a bar!!!

UCFC website! keeps you aware of what is happening in fencing at Uni.





Yep, they do. I've had three moans about the posting of the results from the National Fencing Championships - you have not posted the results of the men's epee they whined!!

Go have a look at the posting for 27/11/2014.

But they were posted the day after they were held goes another moan - Well the results came in AFTER this site went to bed.

Wots going to bed?

It's an old newspaper term once used by compositors to piss-off the sub-editors who wanted to make changes or up-date information before it got printed.

In the pic below of the nation's top newspaper going to bed in the 1970's era of hot metal, the Comps are on the left and the Subs on the right. Looking from back to front are some of the pages of the next day's The Press. The ones right at the back are still being put together with type for the articles and plates for the pix.

The page at the bottom of the pic is all tucked-up in its forme, the metal frame holding all the type and plates together, ready to have a flong made from which to cast the curved plate that goes on the printing press to print the paper. In other words, it's gone to bed! So any changes will have to wait for the next day's paper or be squeezed into the Stop Press slot.

A deadline is still a deadline even in this electronic age of news, it is the production and circulation that has changed out of sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




When you see hard-hats left lying around next to demolition or building sites.




When street signs point in different directions ...


And when people grumble about the rebuild of the quake-damaged city.


5/11/2014: HAVE A SEAT.... DEAR READER.

Yes, be seated.


Two reasons: One cos it is Guy Fawkes Night and you can sit outside and watch the fireworks! It could be the last time you can enjoy our annual celebration for a former terrorist!


Second reason to sit down is to savour the absurdity of repairs done to a wee inoffensive footbridge over the Heathcote.


See those nice simple railings to stop you falling in the river, not that anyone did for none of the locals have heard of any.



Now notice how they have added to the wee footbridge with a height extension and netting to make it safer??


Locals feel the additions are unnecessary and designed to piss them off by making it difficult for them to fish, pee and throw rubbish off the wee footbridge into the river. Oh, and still use the handy shortcut after earthquakes!


Your rates well spent??


1/11/2014: G'DAY!!!

Next time you go speeding past roadworks just remember, they limit the speed for a reason - cos there could be some poor slave working, a slave you don't necessarily see, like this fellow hard at work on Fifield Terrace. Do be nice to workers unlike the newly elected National Government.


These ancient metal pipes also came from Fifield Terrace well before the present work started.


31/10/2014: HEY, WE'RE STILL HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The houses are flattened, the gardens gone, the residents departed, but you cannot eradicate us completely - relics of a previous age on Waltham Road.

Now will this raise the ire of Gerry and his Wastemakers Sarah, Seedo (more here) and Skirt and cause them to leave Victoria Square alone and come rushing over to Waltham to expung this tiny fragment of pre-quake Christchurch??


30/10/2014: IF I HAD A HAMMER.

Kurt's got one and is swinging it during a controlled demolition of a house out East.

This fellow has one too!


29/10/2014: GO EAST!

Yep, go and visit Aranui and other areas out East, it is hard to believe that thousands of people once lived there.


Abandoned! A once popular suburban street full of houses.


Not quite deserted. This sign says it all- looters and pyromaniacs abound in the deserted eastern marches.





Jeremy finishes off one of nine painted thingies adorning the New Brighton Mall pavement - did they really cost over $3500 plus each???

Read wot they say in THE NATION'S TOP NEWSPAPER.




Two of the many that made it happen - Leasa and Karo.



Veterans Mixed Foil:
1 Adam Reynolds, Australia; 2 Peter Kell, Wellington; 3= Gareth Foley and Simone Marshall, both Dunedin; 5 John Davies, Christchurch, 6 Jonathan Seal, Queenstown.


Women’s Epee:
1 Wai Ling Chan, Christchurch; Ilaria Trame, Italy; 3= Charlotte Dewsnap, Wellington and Anna Chalton, Auckland; 5 Annick Fenaughty, Wellington; 6 Maija Terho, Wellington; 7 Anna Sobeleva, Christchurch; 8 Claire Cooper, Wellington; 9 Jess Gracie, Auckland; 10 Nicole Martin, Wellington; 11 Brittany Wyatt, Christchurch; 12 Laura Bythell, Christchurch; 13 Gen Porter, Christchurch; 14 Simone Marshall, Dunedin; 15 Felicity Boyd, Christchurch; 16 Lisa Craw, Dunedin.

Epee Teams: 1 Christchurch; 2 Wellington; 3 Auckland.


Women’s Foil:
1 Ping Yuan, Wellington; 2 Alice Wu, Timaru; 3= Charlotte Dewsnap, Wellington and Rachel Rowlands, Christchurch. 5 Christine Chen, Auckland; 6 Vicky Fan, Auckland; 7 Stephanie Wyllie, Auckland; 8 Alice Boyd, Auckland; 9 Nicola Buisman, Auckland; 10 Daniela Ravera, Auckland; 11 Pippi Millar, Dunedin; 12 Claire Cooper, Wellington; 13 Jess Gracie, Auckland; 14 Nicole Martin, Wellington; 15 Suzy Cheng, Dunedin; 16 Simone Marshall, Dunedin; 17 Lisa Craw, Dunedin; 18 Gen Porter, Christchurch; 19 Maija Terho, Wellington; 20 Beth Garey, Dunedin.

Foil Teams:
1 Christchurch; 2 Auckland ‘A’; 3= Wellington and Auckland ‘B’; 5 Dunedin.


Mixed Sabre:
1 Luke Robertson, Christchurch; 2 Alex Chan, Christchurch; 3= Bryan Clark, Wellington and Garth Shillito, Auckland. 5 Julian Taffner, Dunedin; 6 Tommy Lee, Auckland; 7 Charlotte Dewsnap, Wellington; 8 Adam Burrough, Dunedin; 9 Beth Garey, Dunedin; 10 Jason Sim, Dunedin; 11 Suzy Cheng, Dunedin; 12 Nicholas Hill, Christchurch; 13 Nigel Hanson, Dunedin; 14 Casper Howell, United States of America; 15 Simone Marshall, Dunedin;

Sabre Teams: 1 Christchurch; 2 Dunedin ‘A’; 3= Dunedin ‘B’ and Wellington.


Men’s Epee:
1 William Bishop, Wellington; Matt Baker, Australia; 3= Sheldon Ogilvie, Christchurch and Felix Boyce, Wellington; 5 Jurgens Van Zyl, Auckland; 6 Graham Payne, Timaru; 7 Lucian Nightingale, Christchurch; 8 Isaac Officer, Christchurch; 10 Isaac Rusholme-Cobb, Wellington; 11 Xavier Watts, Wellington; 12= Louis Jennings, Dunedin and Jonathan Brill Christchurch; 14 Andreas Sesun, Christchurch; 15 Hichel Soares, Queenstown; 16 Liam James, Christchurch; 17 David Jennings, Dunedin; 18 Rory Greenan, Christchurch; 19 Bryan Clark. Wellington; 20 Johan Ryu, Auckland; 21 Nicholas Hill, Christchurch; 22 Jaco Fourie, Christchurch; 23 Nathanael Walker-Hale, Wellington; 24 Jonathan Seal, Queenstown; 25 Joshua Gibson, Christchurch; 26 Sebastian Clar, Dunedin; 27 Ross Shepherd, Christchurch; 28 Zane Hamilton, Christchurch; DNF Pleayo Tovaranonte, Christchurch.

Epee Teams:
1, Wellington; 2 Christchurch; 3= Auckland and Christchurch; 5 Dunedin.




26/10/2014: MORE FROM NATIONALS........

Hi Graham! Long-time fencer Graham Payne, standing far left, gets a wave from one of the younger competitors in the men's epee event.


And some action in the women's foil event.


In between the spectacular action is the ..... waiting.




And here is some action in the women's epee and men's foil!


Today's results:

Men’s Foil:
1 Yunus Kurtulus, Australia; 2 Hamish Chan, Auckland; 3= Felix Boyce, Wellington and Daniel Garelja, Auckland; 5 Louis Jennings, Dunedin; 6 Nathanael Walker-Hale, Wellington; 7 Daniel Keleghan, Christchurch; 8 Felix Klapp, Dunedin; 9 Clovis Dyson, Auckland; 10 William Bishop, Wellington; 11 Isaac Rushholme-Cobb, Wellington; 12 Michael Claydon, Auckland; 13 Adam Reynolds, Australia; 14 Bryan Clark, Wellington; 15 Gareth Foley, Dunedin; 18 Jurgens Van Zyl, Auckland; 17 James Tweedle, Wellington; 18 Jason Sim, Dunedin; 19, Richard Souness, Wellington; 20 Mikhail Lopez, Christchurch; 21 Julian Taffner, Dunedin; 22 Pleayo Tovaranonte, Christchurch; 23 Alastair Keleghan, Christchurch; 24 Adam Burrough, Dunedin; 25 Nigel Hanson, Dunedin; 26 Luca Young, Wellington.

Foil Teams: 1 Wellington ‘A’; 2 Dunedin ‘A’; 3= Wellington ‘B’ and Dunedin ‘B”.


Women’s Epee:
1 Wai Ling Chan, Christchurch; Ilaria Trame, Italy; 3= Charlotte Dewsnap, Wellington and Anna Chalton, Auckland; 5 Annick Fenaughty, Wellington; 6 Maija Terho, Wellington; 7 Anna Sobeleva, Christchurch; 8 Claire Cooper, Wellington; 9 Jess Gracie, Auckland; 10 Nicole Martin, Wellington; 11 Brittany Wyatt, Christchurch; 12 Laura Bythell, Christchurch; 13 Gen Porter, Christchurch; 14 Simone Marshall, Dunedin; 15 Felicity Boyd, Christchurch; 16 Lisa Craw, Dunedin.

Epee Teams: 1 Christchurch; 2 Wellington; 3 Auckland.


Daggers, knifes and wee swords, plus the odd cup, what more could a champion fencer want?

More to come termorra ...

Here's the finals piste, the metal strip fencers fight on, being set up by all those unsung and unseen heroes - the helpers!!


And here is the weapons check in action - with its historical antecedents based on fighting - the ancient art and modern sport, goes to extreme lengths to make sure no-one is hurt.


So trot along to CAshmere High School this weekend to view the cut and thrust action.




This year's duel in the annual fencing tussle between Shirley Boys High School and Christchurch Boys High School was a draw. SBHS 'A' team won their event and CBHS 'B' team won theirs.


A bit of duck and thrust. 'A' team duelists in the foreground with 'B' team action in the background.


A bit of tasty tucker!

Now come and see more fencing action at this weekend's National Fencing Champs at Cashmere High School - map and programme HERE! The sabre event starts Monday morning!




The front door is open.


But .....


There is still some work to do before it opens for the summer as this great pic by Lex shows.




All wrapped-up - Maurizio Galvan won the world vets foil championship in Hungary yesterday.


He ran a very successful training camp in Christchurch some years ago and one of his pupils, Ilaria Trame, who is on a school exchange at Kaiapoi High School, won the South Island epee championship last month and is entered in this weekend's Nationals also in Christchurch.


Follow the results of the World Vets, HERE! including that of Christchurch fencer Mark Rance.

More about the 71st National Fencing Champs at Cashmere High School this weekend HERE!!


Come and watch Ilaria compete in the women's epee on Saturday morning.


Will this fellow be there too?? Resting from his dueling in Parliament?




Wonder if he does? Do You??

Does Gerry and his Wastemakers plan the same for Victoria Square - flatten everything? Read wot some people think, then ignore the vibrant rhetoric and read the comments section HERE ... it's a laugh.



No, but there is talk of moving him and Queen Victoria and fucking up Victoria Square for some obscure reason like building a path, costing $95,000,000, along the Avon river just behind the Great Sailor to link up with a $20, 000, 000 playground just up the road.


Read about how Gerry and the Wastemakers idiotocracy, Seedoo, dumped a load of poo over the people of Quake City IN THE NATION'S TOP NEWSPAPER.


Even Lianne and her Ladies were surprised by IT.


As was this pointy-hatted fellow, seen in the former Square before they flattened that, so watch out Gerry and Warwick - Ian could get grumpy!


And that's wot Gerry and his idiotocracy call communicating!! Seems the EQC, Sarah and the insurance company gabble, or lack of it, is still spreading like the ebola virus.


17/10/2014: IT IS NOT TRUE!

Some of you have been ranting in disbelief about locals using the wee footbridge over the Heathcote River since it was, supposedly, closed after February's big quake. Even our Former Railway Worker, now retired, said as much as did some closer to Bureaucrapic Central.

Well sorry fellas and fellaesses here's the evidence ........

See the footprints in the snow??????????????????????????? They don't lie!


And talk to the nearby St Martins' Engineer whose bolt cutters have been used to good effect over the years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, the question is, will the Former Railway Worker, now retired, front up with a free coffee termorra?? Choo, choo penance so to speak.



Yep, this wee footbridge crossing the Heathcote River at the bottom of Ford Road by Fifield Terrace has, ostensibly, been closed since the February Earthquake, but canny locals have been using it regardless - it is a footbridge they say and only has one person on it at a time and if it did collapse, Dog forbid, the water is shallow, just knee deep.


A bridge too far?? Nah, it is the folks working on it for the last couple of weeks, they are too slow say locals and we dare not cross while they are there. And they are adding on things that no footbridge needs - come and see for yourself!!!


Look at the gunge they have surrounded it with .... huts, dunnys, and more fences than a prison camp. All for a footbridge.



See the extra bits they have welded on the handrail?? Locals say they are a waste of time and are only there to add to the million-dollar repair and to stop Mayor Lianne from jumping into the badly polluted Heathcote River when Prime Minister John Key chases her over the bridge in next week's opening ceremony!

See motorcycles are not allowed to cross as are pedestrians and cyclists, but are cars????



15/10/2014: LITTLE BOXES??

Along the Redcliffs/Sumner road.


They protect marathon runners and other road users in Quake City from getting squished by bounding boulders set loose by earthquakes.




Gina at work in Colombo Street.


It is called Greening The Rubble and you can read more about it HERE!


Gina pleads for more sites to green.


Have YOU got a spare central city site that needs a face-lift til you rebuild? Give em a ring ... DETAILS HERE!


Remember the Mollet Street Market?

Well, come and relax in this nice armchair near the site, on the corner of Mollet and Colombo Streets, of the former 1970's hippy doings and remember the good times and Lois's upstairs shop.




Spectators and competitors await the start of the mixed epee event early on Sunday morning.


Results of the MidSouth Open Fencing Championships held in Quake City yesterday.

Mixed Epee. 1, Sheldon Ogilvie, Cashmere High School; 2, Andreas Sesun, University of Canterbury Fencing Club; 3= Mark Rance and Lucian Nightingale, both Fencing Institute; 5, Liam James, Burnside High School; 6, Wail Ling Chan, Burnside High School; 7, Isaac Officer, Fencing Institute; 8, Quin Downs, Fencing Institute; 9, Anthony Goh, Christ’s College; 10, Anna Soboleva, University of Canterbury Fencing Club; 11, Nicholas Hill, University of Canterbury Fencing Club; 12, Felicity Boyd, University of Canterbury Fencing Club; 13, Rory Greenan, Fencing Institute; 14, Ross Shepherd, Cashmere High School; 15, Chris Knowles, University of Canterbury Fencing Club; 16, Ashleigh Goh, Rangi Ruru Girls High School; 17, Josh Gibson, University of Canterbury Fencing Club; 18, Gen Porter, Cashmere High School; 19, Simone Marshall, Otago University Fencing Club.

Mixed Foil.
1, Alice Wu, Timaru Swords Club; 2, Graham Payne, Timaru Swords Club; 3= Alastair Keleghan, Christ’s College; and Hayden Abbott, Cashmere High School; 5, Lucian Nightingale, Fencing Institute; 6, Simone Marxhall, Otago University Fencing Club; 7, Mikhail Lopez, Cashmere High School; 8, Gen Porter, Cashmere High School; 9, Cameron Abbott, Cashmere High School.

As you can see two mixed events were held then honours were awarded to the top three women for epee, the top two women for foil and the top man for foil

Women's Epee.
1st Wai Ling Chan
2nd Anna Soboleva
3rd Felicity Boyd

Men's Foil
1st Graham Payne

Women's Foil
1st Alice Wu
2nd Simone Marshall



Ireland right, aka Rory, acknowledges a hit in his bout with Russia, aka Anna, left. The Academic duo: Anna, from NOVOSIBIRSK , works for Lincoln University and Roru, the outgoing President of DUBLIN UNIVERSITY FENCING CLUB, works for the CPIT. Ireland won the bout 5/2!




One of the last pix I took of Canterbury Fencing stalwart Olga Jeykll. Olga and former fencers Joyce Fenton and Merv Sharfe will be remembered at this year's National Fencing Championships being held in Christchurch over Labour weekend. Born 8/10/1918 Olga, who died earlier this year, always reckoned that living through the GREAT DEPRESSION in the 1930's was one of the most formative periods for Kiwis.


A sight not usually seen in any sport, son about to beat up the father! Or was it the father who beat up the son? The pair of Dunedin fencers were competing at the South Island Fencing Championships last month. See posting of 1/9/2014 to find out who won!!!


Oh, and former Christchurch fencer Peter Campbell, now stomping round europe, is making waves - air waves that is. His novels and stories are available from the airwaves so to speak.

Have a look HERE!





Next time you scurry along Brougham Street keep a lookout for Nazareth House!


After February's earthquake.


Now. The fence and gate posts are still there.


Read about NAZARETH HOUSE in the nation's top news precinct

Talking about the nation's top news precinct, can YOU name some of the Australian newspapers gleefully fondled and prepared for publication on the fifth floor of The Press building in Gloucester Street?

That's one-up Kiwi's have over our friends across the pond!!


8/10/2014: IS IT A WORLD SETTER??

University of Canterbury Fencing Club President Chris invites you to choose YOUR weapon.


Is the University of Canterbury Fencing Club the only fencing club in the world to duel in a bar?? Arguably the longest continually running fencing club in the nation - even the club at Victoria University concede that fact (that's a fencing club in our Capital City Wellington for overseas readers). The club has spent the last two years in bar-room brawling so to speak.


See the bar in the background? See posting of 23/9/2014 for more.


With the University of Canterbury Student's Association building, where UCFC used to meet in the ballroom, closed by earthquake damage in 2011, the temporary ucsc student centre has proved a boon to varsity clubs and Uni students. The Ucsa even provides sustenance for active students ....

See ... grab it while you can.


Turn up on Saturday mornings for a try at no cost other than being nice to Chis. As the picture shows, all gear is supplied. More info HERE!


But you have to watch out for Ucsa Sarah ...





Then again it could be seen as a well-trained dump .....

A snail dump in Palmerston North this week.


No, he did not use toilet paper!


But apart from that you cannot fault his toilet training.


This well-trained snail does its doings in a toilet bowl in the North Island city of Palmerston North. Thanks to "M" for the pix. A question for those that live there - where does George, the tuatara in the central city, do his?????



Yep, another one skittled. And it goes on, and on, and on ....

One view on protecting cyclists ....

Here's mine:

1. Any driver that hits a pedestrian or cyclist has both vehicle and licence sequestered until proven innocent.

2. Paint centre lines on footpaths with the section nearest a road used by cyclists. Enforce the above (1) on any cyclist who damages a pedestrian.

3. Make anyone wanting to sit for a drivers license ride a light motorcycle or scooter for 18 months before the survivors are allowed to sit their licence test.

You got any other ideas??

No, getting rid of cyclists is not valid!


About the copyright - contact me if you would like to use one - photographs on this website.

GOSSIP PAGE: The Front Page of The Press, Christchurch and the South Island's largest newspaper, goes to bed in the good old days of hot metal type; Montage at the bottom of this page, Australian foilist Franki Bartolilo; Three-times world veteran foil champion Maurizio Galvan fronts up for New Zealand television; Epee action from Challenge Australia; More epee action from the 02 Commonwealth Fencing Championships; A famous French fencer captured in Seoul; Attendees at a training camp in Christchurch run by Maitre Galvan in 2007.

ABOUT ME PAGE: Two top epee coaches at the Giardino Club in Milan. Oleg Putzanov, left, and Gianni Muzio, right. Montage; Kiwi fencer, Andrew Kell, demonstrates the new sabre mask - 2004 A Space Oddity - in Madrid; Top Kiwi womens' sabreur Katherine Taylor; Australian Olympian, Bill Ronald, relaxes on Lygon Street, Melbourne; Hot Man - an interesting portrait from the Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Shah Alam; Christchurch fencing physiotherapist Scott Suen bounds in for a hit against a luckless Australian fencer; Kiwi sabreur, Robert Snoep watches the action at the CFC in Shah Alam; A polite discussion takes place among University fencers at the Uni Games circa 1969. Last but not least, a tidy black Morris Minor photographed in Melbourne. A famous Italian Fencing Master and three-times world vets foil champion used my Morris Minor van for his afternoon siestas while running a training camp in Christchurch in 2007. The fact that he went on to win his third title on the trot is no indication of the efficacy, or otherwise, of sleeping in the back of a Morris Minor van named Corrie the Morrie!

LEARN TO FENCE PAGE: Youngsters, barely taller than the epees they wield, duel it out in the fencing club at Toledo, Spain; Hitting actions - from beginner to Olympic champion - some example of how to hit your opponent; Kiwi epeeist Natalie Fraser fights into fifth place at a national womens epee competition in Vallalodid, Spain. What every competititve fencer needs - an FIE international fencing license - this one from 1973. A promising young sabreur is given a lesson by one of Spain's top coaches, Luis Jiminez, at the Royal Spanish Fencing Federation's national training centre in Madrid. Aussie coach Mathieu at work; A fencing tournament underway in Adelaide, South Australia.

BOOKS TO READ PAGE: Olympic epee champion Marcel Fischer (Switzerland), Rangi de Abaffy and Willie Upritchard (New Zealand) pose against the ivy after a training session in my backyard in Christchurch. The Montage: Aussie Fencer Sarah Osvath recovers from a tumble; The teams line-up at the Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Malaysia; Top Kiwi women fencers Jess and Les fight it out at the New Zealand National Fencing Championships; Remember when? Kiwi sabreur Keith Mann shows how to fleche during a sabre bout in the 60's! Mann, twice President of New Zealand Fencing and who still competes in local tournaments, received an award for his services to the sport in 2007. Bottom, Hamish McCracken limbers up while some tired Spaniards watch Challenge Australia action and Waimaria and Karita think about what book to read!

FENCING BUSINESSES PAGE : Top. A New Brighton resident enjoys the nation's top newspaper (The Press) in a local cafe; University Students march through Cathedral Square as part of Capping Day celebrations in the 1960's; A view of the Tagus River near Toledo in Spain; Another shot of University of Canterbury students celebrating Capping Day with a float highlighting Government funding cuts to universities; Chris, the head Reader at The Press, scans reporters copy for mistakes before it is sent for setting in the days before computerisation of the newspaper. Bottom: A Kiwi fencer begs for mercy after being disarmed; Top epeeist and coach David Eccleston at a training camp in Wellington; The last page for the next day's paper is sent to the platers; Ioan Pop, The FIE's Technical Director, captured at the World Champs in Seoul; A photographer from the Otago Daily Times captures the action at the 2006 nationals.

LINKS PAGE: Corps a corps or head to head - you decide. The power of acting - Christchurch actor and fencer, Simon Young, attracts the attention of a young admirer during a production in the Botanic Gardens. You need a good sense of balance for inline skating as Christchurch sabreur William Cowper found out. They might look like two grumpy old men, but three-times world foil champion Maurizio Galvan and local coach Rob Sheard were focusing on the actions of fencers at a training camp at the Fencing Institute. Kiwi fencers love beating up their big brothers in Australia and this shot shows Christchurch epeeist Hassan Kamel with the medal he won in Sydney; Gruff young Kiwi fencers ham it up at the Fencing Institute in Christchurch. Action in the mens epee at the 2007 New Zealand Nationals in Wellington where 14-year-old sabreur Alex Chan stole a seven-hit lead on former National champion Chris Nokes. Nokes came back to win 14-7 proving that a good Old Un can beat an uppity Young Un. Aussie and Kiwi coaches who took part in a training camp taken by Ioan Pop, the FIE's Technical Director. Action in the womens epee event at the World Champs in Seoul. Two members of the University of Canterbury Fencing Club fight off in the Duel at Dawn which marks the end of the fencing season. The duel is held at different venues each year, in this case it was the Christchurch Botanic Gardens!

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