Fencing Businesses

A list of businesses run by fencers or those with some involvement in our ancient art and modern sport. They support our sport so we should support them. If you wish to be included in this list - there is no charge nor does inclusion on the list constitute a guarantee or discount in any way or form - send your particulars for consideration.


Kaikoura Traders, 77 Beach Road, Kaikoura, phone 03 319 3366. Buys and sells second-hand goods - that special spanner or a comfortable bed Kenny's got it all!!!

The Opawa Bakery and Cafe, 124 Opawa Road. A quiet, hidden away cafe in the tiny Opawa shopping centre, run by former german butcher and baker, Brigitte and Detlev. Great meat pies and cakes with a shady outside courtyard ideal for enjoying a small cigar - Open for business!

Magpie Machining and Design, Christchurch. Its not often a tradesman fitter and turner goes on to become a university trained engineer, but that's what the proprietor of Magpie Machining and Design did. He is also the first (and only) man to have won our national epee title three and four times in succession - thousands have tried, but only Rangi de Abaffy has done it. For those of you who were lucky to attend his wedding last year, the tiny spinning top each of the guests were presented with were hand turned by Rangi. So for anything to do with engineering design, turning, milling, Porsche flat-six engines, gliding (he owns two gliders) phone or fax Rangi at 03 338 3398. Open for business!

The Rainbow Garden, Mestre, near Venice, a camper or backpackers delight just a bus ride away from fabulous Venice. Run by Maurizio Galvan, the Italian fencing Master who ran a course at the Fencing Institute here in Christchurch in 2007, it is especially welcoming to Kiwis. See Links Page for more.

Pronto Cafe, 8 New Regent Street, Christchurch. A tiny café and take-away run by Fred Sesun father of top epeeist Andreas. Sells neat fresh fruit ice creams too. Now closed, but Fred is OK.

Squires, Armagh Street, Christchurch. Café run by Nikki Silk mum of Josh and Amy. Closed.

Oddfellows Cafe, 438 Selwyn Street, Christchurch. Chic café and home to Hummingbird Coffee run by Sue and George the parents of sabreur William Cowper. Open for business. Along with their new cafe in Cashel Street Restart Mall!

Pedro's Restaurant, Upstairs on Worcester Street just over Manchester Street heading away from the Square. One of the best restaurants in town. Run by a former Madrileno in the Spanish hands-on style so consistently good food and service has been the order of the day for more than a quarter of a century. Demolished. Pedro is commited to rebuilding his central city restaurant! Meantime he is working out of a box on Papanui Road. More about Pedro.

Christchurch Park PHYSIO is where the fencing physiotherapist Scott Suen, works. He has fixed up fencers from beginners to world champions - and non-fencers too! Contact him on 385 1966 or turn-up at 250 Westminster Street, Mirehau, Christchurch. Open for business!

Mainland Fencing: Now based in Wellington, is run by Daniel Chan and stocks a whole range of fencing gear and protective clothing. They are the New Zealand reps for Uhlmann of Germany and PBT of Hungary. contact Daniel direct: 0211034885, or Carol : 0210494969.

The Grange, a 16-room bed and breakfast hotel in the centre of Christchurch five minutes walk from the Square. Run by Des Ramsay dad of top Kiwi fencers Hannah and Sam. 56 Armagh Street, telephone 366 2850. Or see here. OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Create IP: Is where former sabreur Robert Snoep, a Patent Attorney, helps people protect their ideas. Snoepy is still waiting for that elusive invention that will make epee fencing become interesting. There is a photo of him in action on the About Me page if all you epeeists want something to stick pins into! His website: CreateIP OPEN FOR BUSINESS!