Many schools in Christchurch offer fencing as part of their sports programme's plus there are "senior' clubs located in different suburbs. Check them out:

University of Canterbury Fencing Club

CUFC members pose after a training session.

UC Fencing has finally returned to campus! We are fencing in Bentley's Bar, on Ilam Road, Saturday mornings from 10.30am to 12.30pm. Here is a map. Thank-you so much Waltham Primary school for hosting us.

Website: CUFC


President: Chris Knowles Secretary: Brett Davis or, the Coach, Vik Manuge, 03 366 6396

Details: All initial instruction in epee, but foil and sabre encouraged too. About 20-plus members, many former or current national champions, aged from 14 to late 50s. First hour is a group lesson with warm-ups and specific technical/tactical instruction then free fencing afterwards. Visitors welcome especially to the annual one-hit Eccleston Epee competition and the knees-up afterwards!


The Sabre Club:


Thursday's, February to November, starting 7pm with a group lesson then electric sabre fencing with many current and past national champs afterwards.

Contact: Vik Manuge
Ph: 03 3666 396

United Fencing Club.

President Geof Low adjusts the many awards presented at United's recent end of year event.

Meets Tuesday evenings at Shirley Intermediate School Gymnasium, Shirley Road.
Entrance is from North Parade, just past Shirley Boys High. Please do not park on the grassed area's. We start at 7pm, and finish at 9pm. Initial instruction in foil but all three weapons fenced.
Contact: Rob Sheard
43 Dee Street
03 980 1914

CFA, Christchurch Fencing Academy has now combined with the United Fencing Club above.

Mt Pleasant Swords Club.

Meets Mondays, 7 till 8.30pm at Mt Pleasant Scout Hall, Old School Reserve, 172 Major Hornbrook Road, Mt Pleasant. Contact Roger Horton 03 981 3159

Other Kiwi fencing sites:

FENCING MID/SOUTH Based in Christchurch, the Capital of the Mainland.

FENCING NORTH. Based in Auckland.

FENCING CENTRAL. Based in Wellington.

FENCING NEW ZEALAND (Fenz) - Co-ordinates and promotes fencing in New Zealand and maintains contacts with the FIE. Based in Wellington, the Capital of New Zealand.


New Zealand's top newspaper: The Press

FIE International Fencing Federation - Controls fencing world-wide.

Australian Fencing Federation Our couszies across the water.

Australian Fencing Events

Victoria Fencing Association

The Commonwealth Fencing Federation. The place to go to find out about the Junior, Senior and Veterans Commonwealth Fencing championships.

negrini Negrini Fencing Line - Italian manufacturer of top quality fencing equipment based in Verona.

Fencing Net - training tips

Surrey County Fencing Union - one of the more interesting fencing sites with heaps about fixing grear and links to rules

A desire to fence in a pre-electric style culminated in a group of fencers in Dunedin, New Zealand, forming a club to carry out the art of classic fencing: Salle Angelo.

The Rules of Fencing. Places where you can snaffle a copy of the FIE's rules in English: A British version. The FIE's version - click on the link to the left then click on the EN(glish) on the top left of the page which comes up!

Trott Park Fencing Club, an eclectic selection of the fencing community of Adelaide who meet regularly under the aegis of Jenny Cassidy. Have a look: Jenny's Place

rfee Royal Spanish Fencing Federation, a good expample of a national fencing website: RFEE.

fis Italian Fencing Federation, another up-market fencing site - have a look: FIS